Christmas Eve with guests Mira Prabhu and Kim Gosseling – Sparkling.

Here’s Smorgasbord’s Sally Cronin with a delightful pre-Christmas spread…thank you for all you do for us indies, Sally! May the luminous spirit you bring to your own life and ventures spread in the coming years and bring joy to many….

Smorgasbord - Variety is the spice of life


Over the last twelve days I have been sharing memories of Christmas past but today I am going to look to the future. We feel that our house is priced to sell within the next twelve months and that by this time next year we will be back in the UK and settled into our new home. Hopefully closer to our families and UK based friends by several hours. It is both exciting and bitter sweet as we have loved living in our home for most of the last 15 years and also enjoyed the warm friendship of our neighbours in the area where we live.


We are also looking forward to taking some long awaited trips to Canada to visit family and friends and take the train across the Rockies. We also hope to meet up with our friends from our Houston days over 30 years ago. I also…

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