The Sunday Show – Mira Prabhu – Author of Whip of the Wild God.

Sally Cronin’s Interview of Mira Prabhu…she had some terrific questions for me — so do sneak a peek! And thank you Smorgasbord, for all you do to support us authors!

Smorgasbord - Variety is the spice of life

Welcome to the new series of the Sunday Show and in the coming weeks you will meet some of the extraordinary and very creative people that I am so delighted to have come into contact with.  This week an author who weaves a magical story set in ancient India that flows like silk and spellbinds the reader.  Mira Prabhu sharing her beliefs, love of India and of course her writing.

As a regular feature I will be including a new theme each week. Sunday Lunch. As part of the interview I will be asking my guests to introduce me to three guests either from the past or present who they will be inviting and why. Also the two course meal served beverages and music to accompany the meal. Let me say at this point that Richard Gere is already spoken for at my event!

 mira prabhu green dress


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5 thoughts on “The Sunday Show – Mira Prabhu – Author of Whip of the Wild God.

  1. Great interview Mira – I learn more about you all the time …. Btw – save some of that lunch for me – LOL , and a copy of your new book :))))))

    • I’ll cook a fresh meal for you if you get here, bro — and certainly will send you a copy of Krishna’s Counsel — an e-version probably, since i might not print hard copies here in India. Love!

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