What Does It Mean To Be “Well Read?”

Robert brings up an interesting point — do you consider yourself well-read? This is such a crazy question for me…and I speak as an Indian educated in the so-called British system. We are given to understand that well-read means reading the western world’s best fiction, non-fiction and of course the classics — but this is all just brainwashing… today i realize I have no need to be “well-read” other than as a social lubricant — so I can make intelligent-sounding small talk or look good in the eyes of others….it is all a mountain of trivia — unless the process of educating myself has led also to the cultivation of wisdom and compassion….what do you think?

101 Books

Someone recently told me I was “well read,” which I find interesting. The whole reason I started 101 Books was because I felt like I wasn’t “well read” enough, whatever that means.

So now that I’ve read nearly 70 books in four years, am I well read all of the sudden?

Seriously? That’s all it takes–70 books in four years?

According to Google, 129 million books have been published in the history of the history. 129 million!

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