You Don’t Own A Damned Thing – Samsara’s Seven Flavors #6/12

no-attachmentsFlavor #2: No ownership. Most of us live with the feeling that we call the shots in our personal lives, that we own our lives. But what does ownership really mean? In essence, it indicates that you control the destiny of a thing.

Let’s talk about how I came to “own” my spectacular home in the hills…say I inherited a nice chunk from my doting grandma, hunted high and low until I found my dream home, negotiated with a real estate shark to buy it, moved my family in, and threw the grandest housewarming party ever. This is my home, right?

But if I truly owned it, how come I lost it? If I accept that ownership implies control of destiny, the corollary is that I own nothing, not even my body or mind. If I did, I’d probably maintain my body in peak condition and suffuse my mind with constant blasts of ecstasy —  instead of getting old and sick and being victim to a range of unpleasant moods.

Gawd Almighty, does this mean I don’t even own that shirt I picked up at that funky boutique last weekend? Come to think of it, someone could steal it right off the laundry line this afternoon while I take my forty winks, and then it would become her shirt!

karma_cartoonSo the invisible machinery of karma is busily at work, giving and taking according to immutable laws about which we ordinary humans don’t have a clue. The good news is that if I practice seeing all things as impermanent, and digest the truth that I don’t really own a thing, I’m bound to experience increasing freedom and peace.

So why do those who accept impermanence and the lack of ownership still get upset when they face loss? Because there’s a killer gap between what we can accept intellectually, and the corresponding lag in our emotions. As we close this gap through personal practice, our suffering decreases.

Master the art of accepting impermanence and the lack of ownership, and you turn into a really cool customer. Tragedy could strike, and while not discounting the initial shock factor, you’d soon learn to say, yes, of course, that’s the nature of relative reality — after all everything is impermanent and I don’t really own a damned thing, so let’s get a move on, next!

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8 thoughts on “You Don’t Own A Damned Thing – Samsara’s Seven Flavors #6/12

  1. Hi Mira… Impermanence is certainly true on this level of existence. I believe we are living in a dream world of our own as well as Samsara’s creation. We are here to learn what we need to learn, and we will return again until we do learn what it is that helps us evolve as a soul. Of course this is only my perspective at this time in space, but I do feel; at this point in my life, it is all a dream. Let me explain… when I chose to leave my marriage, I chose to punish myself for a few years. I fell into a very deep, dark place mentally. I only found relief when I took a job offer almost 2,000 miles away from where I had lived for most of my adult life. Ironically, I came to the place I where I live now (New Mexico) to end my life. Well… needless to say… I didn’t go through with it because I am still here. The job manifested as a Night Auditor at a motel, and it changed my life by changing the outer circumstances. That is where ‘the dream’ comes in… Since then, I have been living with completely new friends who don’t know my previous history. They only know the person I am now. That has helped me let the past go, and live anew. That is what I mean when I say I am living in a dream. If we don’t like the dream we are living, we can to change the dream with the help and guidance of the Almighty!

    • David, I love your shares because they are so honest. Yes, we must do whatever it takes to heal and rise again — and you have done what you needed to do — bravo! You might be interested in the next post which will come up mid November — about celebrity suicide — recently a young Bollywood star killed herself — and it inspired me to write a whole series of posts on it. You are completely right about what you say and I hope you don’t see my posts as disagreeing with your stance – that we can transform our lives completely — if we are committed to doing the right thing, one day at a time. Thanks!

      On Thu, Oct 17, 2013 at 10:07 PM, mira prabhu

      • Thank you, Mira, for your response. I appreciate the validation, but as we are all human beings, we are bound to understanding differently simply based on semantics. I do feel we are birds of a feather, however. We have had quite a bit of work to do to heal from long-term committed relationships. I, too, appreciate your honesty, and the great spiritual perspective you have attained. Fact is, you have a tremendous way of expressing yourself ‘Western style’ that I appreciate, and totally relate to! That is why I have chosen to join the conversation… Om Namah Shivaaya! BroDave

  2. Because there’s a killer gap between what we can accept intellectually, and the corresponding lag in our emotions. As we close this gap through personal practice, our suffering decreases.

    That is a brilliant statement Mira, and I can vouch for it’s truth as I have been walking through that gap the last couple of years!!

    • I can’t take credit for that statement — if I recall rightly, that was more or less what this lama would say – i know for sure he coined the phrase “killer gap” — and helped me enormously by explaining how karmic laws work in the here and now, for us mere mortals. And yes, you are closing that gap and I love to be here watching you do it — because I am too!

      On Thu, Oct 17, 2013 at 10:48 PM, mira prabhu

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