Marie Lavender: Interview with Author Mira Prabhu

Interview with Author Mira Prabhu

My guest today is Mira Prabhu.  Hello, Mira!  Welcome to Writing in the Modern Age!  It’s such a pleasure to have you.

whip of the wild godIs there anything that prompted your book ? Something that inspired you? 

I grew up in an unusually westernized community in south India. Bizarrely enough, I only began to investigate my ethic origins after I got to Manhattan in my mid-twenties. Eastern philosophy, particularly the ancient teachings on tantra—which transliterates roughly as ‘the explosion of consciousness’—fascinated me. It saddened me that the original purity of tantra seemed to have vanished; both in India and in the west, tantra was generally equated with unbridled hedonism. And yet I was learning that a genuine tantric/tantrika cultivates a strong ethical and philosophical foundation—without which one is not permitted to take a mate; the process of laying a proper foundation can take decades.

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